How to register for online First Aid Courses

Our blended First Aid online course includes both an online theory and an in-person practical component. To do the practical component of the course you will be required to book a date with one of our instructors at our training centre. You will receive a certified certificate at the end of the course. This course is DOL certified.

To attend one of the online course please follow the steps below:

1. Contact or
2. When contacting us please give us your name, surname, ID number and which course (in the subject line)
3. We will contact you back via email
4. Once payment has been made please send through proof of payment to whom you had contact with
4. Your login details will be sent to you
5. To access your course click on the the link supplied by us to you via email

Do the course at your own time and pace. Once the online theory has been completed, you will be required to attend a practical session and do a written test at our training room. Once you have completed the practical and have passed the test, you will receive your certified certificate.


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